Derry hosted a rather colourful and entertaining St. Patrick’s Day parade yesterday. As a family we usually venture to the annual parade in Moville but decided this year to pop along to Legenderry and see what was on offer there.  We certainly weren’t disappointed.

The ‘all kinds of everything’ parade showcased a journey across land, sea and sky. The theme for this parade was of course a song by the city’s very own Dana! Derry was fortunate to witness the uncovering of an adventure with this colourful and artistic St. Patrick’s Day parade. Young and old alike lined the streets of Derry despite the bitter cold of the day. Thousands left the heat of their homes to come witness this spectacle. The standard of floats was exceptionally high and the costumes simply spectacular.  This carnival parade brought together a a mixture of new and seasoned community group performances, carnival groups, tradition and contemporary dance groups and pipe bands.    A carnival atmosphere prevailed throughout the afternoon.

Legenderry really is seeped in culture and is a real hive of activity at the present time. 2013 is certainly going to be a memorable one. And tonight is going to be yet another occasion which will no doubt be talked about for many years to come. The London Symphony Orchestra will showcase the music of John Williams best loved work for films, at The Venue, Ebrington from 8pm tonight. The Orchestra will be conducted tonight by Frank Strobel and I’m very very fortunate to have one of the many sought after tickets! Woohoo….