One could never expect to celebrate Christmas on St. Patrick’s Day…or could one? It really wouldn’t happen anywhere else. The Squealin Pig in Muff really was the place to be last night and the ‘wee bar’ was alive with music, song and sheer entertainment. With Milk Thistle having kicked the evening off, followed by Golly G and Mike B, it left Kevin Lees to finish the night off with a mixture of song and banter. And this he did…by changing the theme from celebrating all that is Irish to Christmas in Muff!

Kevin described his performance as ‘the headline act of the night’ and apologised for not playing in Muff over the Christmas period due to commitments in China (yeah, right!). But he decided to make up for his Christmas absence by bringing the ‘wee bar’ to it’s feet on St Patrick’s night. He decided to sing a song written for him by Shane McGowan (maybe the guinness was influencing his thought process) and proceeded then to ‘Merry Christmas’. The crowd of green were on their feet and Christmas cheer really did prevail.

St. Patrick’s night in Muff 2013 will remain in many locals memories for some time to come. The music was swell. The craic was ninety! With a session among the gang after the music came to an end, it was endless talent from a selection of the locals. Golly to John…Tish to Danny….and then Wendy blasted out Bruce from her iphone….St Patrick would have been proud.