A younger Padraig and Art with mum Movania and Finbarr McColgan at the Bay Field

Local boys Padraig and Art Parkinson are to star in major films that are just about to come out and Art will appear in the new Game of Thrones series which starts on April 1st. Art was in the previous series and it seems that he will be taking a little more prominent role this time as he gets older. He already has his own Twitter page for his fans.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the most pirated series of all time so it is going to be shown in the UK the day after it first appears in the US.

Art also has a film, called Dark Touch, being premiered on April 18th in New York. It will make its first appearance at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival.


His elder brother, Padraig, is also hitting the big time too. He has a supporting lead role in a new film called The Sea. It also stars Kieran Heinz who is in Game of Thrones, Bonnie Wright who was in Harry Potter, Missy Keating, Ronan’s daughter and Natasha McElhone who was in Californication.

It was filmed recently in Wexford. It was written by John Banville who won the prestigious Manhattan Booker Prize. It’s directed by Steven Brown. It’s a tragic love story.


Their mother Movania has been in a number of films and has acted on TV in programmes like Coronation Street. She was in one filmed locally called Long Time Dead. She used to run a local drama class in Moville which spread to other towns like Greencastle and Carndonagh as well.

Now that she has got two of her sons into the movies she is thinking of starting it up again.