The Anchor Bar (Hair of the Dog) during filming of Grabbers in January 2012.

Grabbers, the movie part-made in Moville in early 2011 and released last year, provided a great deal of entertainment when it was made in Moville. Movillians took to the cast and crew and it seems that the cast and crew loved Moville. They were often seen about town eating and drinking out and some even stayed for weekends and enjoyed the entertainment in places like at Rosatos.

In fact they liked it so much that the main star, Sheffield born Richard Coyle, bought a house in Greencastle recently. He has been in a relationship with Grabbers leading lady, Irish girl Ruth Bradley since early 2012 (according to Wikipedia anyway). Both were in Rosatos last Saturday night with friends to hear a great set from local girls Debbie & Geraldine. They looked as if they were enjoying themselves enormously (the girls and the stars).

They join other local celebrities like John Hume, Brian Friel and fellow Sheffield-born actress Movania Parkinson and her actor sons Padraig and Art in living in the area. It’s becoming quite a hub here. Maybe we’ll get Beatles road manager and talent scout, Tony Bramwell, to buy a house in Moville or Greencastle. He spends enough time here. He came here three times in 2011 and told people that he’d probably spent more time in Moville than anywhere else that year including his own home in Totnes. His visit next month to the Songwriters Contest in Moville will be his 6th visit here.

It all adds to the gaiety of the town. Maybe more tourists will make it here in future and that really would make a difference.