We may not be happy about it, but it is coming. And faster than we might like. Property Tax is being introduced and it looks like there’s no escaping.

The Revenue have revealed on their website www.revenue.ie how much property tax you will have to pay.

If you go to the Property Tax Guide and fill in the details of location, type of property and whether it was built before or after 2000, you will find a map detailing different colours which will show you how much you have to pay. One has to self assess and there will be penalties if one gets it wrong. So it’s of vital importance to study this well and read carefully.


The bands are as follows:

1: €90 for a property valued at €0 to €100,000
2: €225 for a property valued at €100,001 to €150,000
3: €225 for a property valued at €150,001 to €200,000
4: €225 for a property valued at €200,001 to €250,000
5: €225 for a property valued at €250,001 to €300,000
6: €225 for a property valued at €300,001 to €350,000
7-20: €225 for a property valued at Over €350,000

The tax is being brought in in July and you only pay half for the first year.

Self assessment

When you are self-assessing you should base it on the price of properties sold locally as well as the Revenue guidelines for types of properties further up in this article.

Below is a list of properties sold in and around Muff and their prices. This should be a little help, so good luck with the research.

14/02/2012 €110,000.00 77 Ard Ban, Muff, Donegal
20/04/2012 €165,000.00 Glackmore, Aught Road, Muff, Donegal
01/06/2012 €135,500.00 Drumskellan, Ture, Muff, Donegal
27/06/2012 €95,000.00 Derryvane, Muff, Donegal
20/07/2012 €66,000.00 61 Wheatfield, Muff, Donegal
30/08/2012 €177,500.00 White Cottage, Aught Road Ture, Muff, Donegal
17/09/2012 €83,500.00 33 Whitehill, Muff
17/09/2012 €187,500.00 Sappagh, Muff
22/10/2012 €95,000.00 Drumskillen, Ture, Muff
12/11/2012 €95,000.00 ARDMORE, MUFF
19/11/2012 €8,888.00 541 Grove Cottages, Muff
18/12/2012 €72,500.00 18 WHEATFIELD COURT, MUFF
21/12/2012 €70,000.00 43 ARD BAN, MUFF
21/12/2012 €115,000.00 drumskellan, ture, muff