They went down in a busload to Dundalk to see Moville Community College’s junior girls play the All Ireland final at soccer. They played in Dundalk FC’s stadium and there was a big crowd there to see them. It must have been quite an experience for the girls to play in that stadium.


I don’t know what they have in the water here or they breed a superbreed of thoroughbred women here but the Moville girls do very well year after year at both soccer and Gaelic. Perhaps it’s something in St Columcil’s Well. Indeed if their teams don’t reach the All Ireland final they are disappointed. They have some top class girls at both sports.

They lost a goal early on and despite fighting hard they couldn’t quite get that equalizer. By the end they were pounding the opposition goalmouth without being able to break through.

Moville CC’s senior girls are also in the All Ireland Final coming up soon so good luck to them.