The first heat took place in Rosatos and the 2nd heat last Friday at the Castle Inn. Both were adjudged to be a success with good quality songs and performances and a good crowd too for a Friday night in March at both venues. The third heat will take place in the Sean Ti on April 5th. Then there would be two semis and a final.


However, we had a problem. There were a couple of people from Dublin who wanted to take part and one from Manchester. There could be more. However, it would be difficult for them to come here for the heats and then come back for Grand Finals weekend when the 2nd semi will take place and the final.

I was thinking that possibly a panel could get together and choose which songs to let through to the semi finals when they could come and perform them to see if they could get through to the final the next day.

However, it might put the noses out of joint those who had turned up to play in the heats. After all we have people coming from Derry and one from The Downings and another from Bangor. I was worried about what they would think.


However, with Moville in Depression it seemed a shame to turn down people who wanted to come and stay in the town for a weekend and spend money here.

I think I have the solution. The first semi takes place on April 12th in the Castle Inn. The second semi takes place on Friday April 19th in the Sean Ti with the final in Rosatos on the Saturday next day. Here’s what I propose.

Those coming from Dublin and elsewhere will take part in a special Heat 4. This would be on the same night and same location as the 2nd semi in the Sean Ti. It would take place immediately beforehand at say 9:30pm with the 2nd semi starting at 10:30pm.

Stay On

Those that got through the 4th Heat would stay on and play in the 2nd semi on the same night and in the final, if they got through, the next day.

I think that is a neat solution and it wouldn’t let people through to the semis without playing. It would also mean that the didn’t have to come here twice at a time of the year when they are not on holiday. I hope that this is acceptable to all of those involved.

And it should make it an even better night in the Sean Ti on the night of both Heat 4 and the 2nd semi-final.