City of Culture 2013 is just a quick run up the road from Muff. We as a village are very fortunate to be able to attend so many events over the coming months. This weekend saw the showcasing of Hofesh Shechter Political Mother. And what a showcase it was.

This was a massive slab of heavy rock riffs, booming drums, classical and folk instrumentals, fast-cut cinematic lighting and committed, inspired dancing featuring a live band of more than 30 musicians. Images of mass hysteria and mindless obedience are interspersed with brief moments of tenderness and humanity. Political Mother: Derry/Londonderry Uncut brings the atmosphere of a rock concert, brimming with teh gritty emotional complexity of Hofest Shecther’s extraordinary dance work.

Hofesh Shechter is recognised as one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists. A former drummer in a rock band, Shechter is renowned for creating the musical scores for his dance Creations with his raw, atmospheric music, complementing his Company’s unique physicality.

The Venue at Ebrington Barracks proved to be an amazing setting for this performance. Derry’s audience were stunned with the brilliance of it all. One was afraid to move in case you missed something. Never before have I witnessed such an amazing spectacle.

Here’s wondering just how many more spectacles await us over the coming year. And what a wonderful way to end such a cultural inspiring night than with a pint of Guinness in the ‘wee bar’ in the now infamous Squealin’ Pig……