It was a great night and a good crowd at the Castle Inn for the 2nd heat of the Songwriter Contest, the finals of which will take place in front of Tony Bramwell, the Beatles talent scout when he will be the main judge. Here are the results and the songs that went through to the semi finals.

1. Do You Remember – Rosie Carney
2. My Granda’s Brother Gerard – Mark from String Fellas
3. Don’t Run – by Conal McKinney sung by Gina Harkin
4. Not Ready to Talk – Jessica Harkin
5. Liquid Confidence – Laura Bonner
6. Ink – Derry band Deadpool
7. That Time My Friend – Deadpool
8. You Face the Sea – James O’Donnell (with Gerard McGonagle)
9. Smile – Rosie Carney
10. Dancing in the Shop – Jessica Harkin
11. Loaded Gun – Laura Bonner

Good Quality

I was only going to let 10 songs through but the quality was very good. The ones just missing out in 12th and 13th place were James O’Donnell with his song My Nation and Martin Moir with his song The Right Door. The sound was at its low point for James’s song and you couldn’t hear it that clearly and that probably affected the judges.

The final heat will be in the Sean Ti on April 5th when last year’s champion Lawrence Hackett enters the competition for the first time and a great young singer from Belfast, Amanda Agnew, enter the competition for the first time.