They sprang to fame in the Moville & Greencastle Songwriter Contest in November 2011 when they finished runners-up to Lawrence Hackett in the Sean Ti. Since then they have gone on to be one of the most popular acts around the town getting more and more gigs.


They now have regular gigs in Rosatos playing there every 4 weeks. It’s their turn this weekend and they will be playing there tonight.

I have to confess that they are one of my favourite acts. They play and sing with such joie de vivre and they look as if they are enjoying themselves which I’m sure they are. If the act look like they are enjoying themselves then the audience are more likely to enjoy them too.

There’s a good rapport between the two of them and they are such great singers. I don’t know what it is but their voices blend very well and it’s very much a case of one and one makes three when they sing together.

They both write songs and both of them got songs into the final at the last Songwriters Final in the Sean Ti in front of Tony Bramwell. They have already got two songs into the semi finals of this year’s Songwriter Contest.

I’m looking forward to tonight and there should be a good crowd in Rosatos to see them.