We got the headline! Muff mother Margie McColgan has successfully won the Derry Journal Competition Mum of the Year 2013. Nominated by her eldest daughter Maria, this mother certainly deserves the title she now beholds.

Margie is wife to Vincie, and mother to Maria, Michelle, Shauna and Niamh. She is grandmother to Cora, Ava and Jay. She is a dedicated family woman and they are the core of her life. She is an active member of the Muff community and most especially with QPS football club.

Margie returned to education a number of years ago and achieved her degree in Business Management. She managed to juggle family life with study and work. And during this time her family were never neglected nor was her work in the community. She is currently employed by Derry City Council as Administrative Officer in Environmental Health.

Not only is she a devoted mother and grandmother but she is also known to be the life and soul of any party. If Margie is in the vicinity a good time will always be had and laughter will prevail.

On hearing of her win Margie said, ‘I’m honoured to receive this but I must say that every mother is Mum of the year to her children’. What a humble lady she truly is. Her daughter Maria says that ‘my Mum is the hardest worker I know. With 4 kids she got her Diploma and then her Degree. She juggles 4 daughters, 2 grand daughters, a grandson, husband, full-time work and two volunteering jobs and gives everyone she’s involved with 100% focus. She’s the best!’ I’m certain that everyone who knows her will agree with this.

So here’s hoping that Margie and her family enjoy a lovely relaxing meal this coming Sunday, Mother’s Day, at theEvergladeshotel.

What better day to be crowned ‘Mum of the Year’ than today, International Women’s Day 2013!! Go Margie!