The Bar-a-Cuda pub has been put up for sale at a real knockdown price. It is in a prime location in the town if someone could make something of it. It has that huge back room that Henry McCullough and his band played in during the first BeatlesFest.


It also had those two highly successful nights at BeatlesFest 2011 when the bands from Glasgow, Candlestick Park and The Modests played and the Cavernites from Liverpool played.

Here’s the ad here –

That’s a real knockdown price as they were looking for €800,000 for it at one point I’m told. Like the Caiseal Mara that’s more than 80% off. Prices really are tumbling and tumbling fast.


If someone had some money they could play Moville Monopoly and buy up the whole of the centre of the town nearly. They could buy the Bar-a-Cuda, Town Clock, Caiseal Mara and the Foyle Hotel and have plenty of change out of a million.

At sometime in the future those are going to look like bargain prices. However, it is no sure thing that any of them will sell even at that price. I’ve put the Town Clock in there as there is no confirmation of sale yet as far as I know.

I wonder if Sean Rawdon, who sold close to the peak, could be tempted back in.

There is a big flat upstairs coming with it. Someone could sell their house to get the money and move in.