Rosie Carney is making her first entrance to the Moville & Greencastle Music Academy Songwriter Contest on Friday, March 8th at the Castle Inn from 10pm. She is originally from Portsmouth but now lives in the Downings in Donegal. She recently received a favourable review from the Irish Times.


She was gigging in America recently. She will also be over gigging in London just before the Grand Finals weekend of the Songwriter Contest and will cut that visit short to fly back for it if she gets her song(s) through on Friday night. She is looking forward to playing in front of Beatles talent scout Tony Bramwell.

Rosie is only 16-years-old but is already being seen as a bright talent.

Here’s one of her songs What You’ve Been looking For which she will be singing on Friday night.

There is a lot of young female talent around in Donegal with top local girls Jessica Harkin and Laura Bonner, who won the talent contest at Rawdons, also playing on Friday night.