It had a great location at the bottom of the square where Bits and Bobs used to be. they had moved there from Montgomery Terrace. It seems that they trebled the amount of usage they got compared to Montgomery Terrace. Now it looks as if they have had to close. The building is now empty.

The organisation hasn’t stopped. I hear they have moved meetings to a room at the Hall. However, it is such a shame that they had to vacate the building they had at the bottom of the square as they were doing such good work there. I’m sure that the good work will continue bit not having that prime location will obviously affect them.

I remember a while back that Family Resource Centres were having their money cut by the Government. It’s yet another institution that it is going to suffer because a decision was taken that the Irish taxpayer should pay back German and French banks for bad investment decisions that they took to loan money to the likes of Anglo-Irish who were giving 120% mortgages to people who had shown no signs of being able to save money.

They were doing such a great job for youngsters too. At some time things will pick up – but it doesn’t look as if it will be any time soon.