CraicOn has been going in Moville for several years now. I always intended to take it elsewhere but never got round to it. It has been successful with 300 people a day reading it in a town of less than 1,500 people so the equivalent of 20% of the population look in each day.


I wondered though if it depended on me and whether the concept would work elsewhere with other people running their local CraicOn. Grainne from Muff started up one for her town around 10 days ago. I explained to her that it would take a while to build up an audience. She shouldn’t expect too much too soon. It would get around by word of mouth and eventually she might get the traffic numbers that I am getting in Moville.

Much to my astonishment Grainne’s articles are now already better read than my own. Except for the first few days an article of hers has topped the best read articles for almost every day for the past week.


I couldn’t understand it.

Was she using Twitter? I saw that she had an account. I looked at it but she didn’t post any of the articles there.

Was she using Facebook. I saw she had a Facebook page. Maybe she was posting the articles there. I checked and she had posted no more than a couple there.

So, what it could it be? How could her articles be getting read more than mine almost every day?


It was a conundrum.

Is it because her articles are better and more interesting than mine?

Surely not!

I’m a man of some experience!

She’s only just started and I’ve been doing this for years.

I’ll continue to investigate.

Good News

Although I might be getting my butt kicked currently by Grainne it is good news for me. It proves that the concept works not just in Moville (and that it doesn’t just depend on me).

Is it possible,even, that I might even be a liability?

Surely not!

I’m now looking for a good person to run it in Carn and Buncrana before taking it elsewhere, so if anyone knows anyone in those towns who can write lucidly and who knows what is happening about the place just let me know.

Now, I must consider this Grainne conundrum more.

How is she doing it?

What is she doing that I’m not?

Can her articles really be more interesting than mine?

if you want to read any put the cursor on Donegal on the top bar and click on Muff.

Incidentally I only knew I was called Scotch Gerry from reading it in the Journal.