The price of heating oil just seems to be going up and up. I put up an article recently which said that I had paid €460 for heating oil that lasted me just 37 days – making my heating costs €12.50 a day. Someone got in touch and told me that lots of people were now heading to the garage at Culmore to get their heating oil.


So, went there to see what the price differential was and ended up getting some. The price for 500 litres was €460 which means that the price per litre is 92 cents. However, that’s only if you buy a big amount. If you buy a hundred or two hundred Euros worth it is more.

The price of a litre at Culmore was 68.4p – and you can buy as much or as little as you want for that. That equates to 79.4 cents per litre when you covert it. Even if you buy 500 litres worth in Moville it is still 92 cents compare d to 79 cents.

Oil Drums

Obviously you have to have something to carry away the oil in but they sell plastic oil drums for £5 there which is pretty reasonable and you can get around 22 litres in them which will cost £15.

I don’t think the exchange rate is particularly good there so you’d be best to take sterling if you have it.

One has to look to as many ways as one can to save money in these austere times.

Heating Oil

The thing that is surprising is that petrol prices are cheaper here than they are in the north, so why is heating oil so much dearer?

Food used to be much dearer here but now places like Gillens are actually cheaper than Derry as is Donal the butchers.

The guy in front of me getting heating oil was from Greencastle so it looks as if the news has even got there too.