Whilst one is normally found by the hearty fireside in the Squealin’ Pig, one thought it might be a nice change to venture into the City of Culture for a wee change last night. And boy what a different night entirely. Pubs filled to the brim and music flowing out of every public house doorway. The newly reopened Grand Central Bar proved to be a nice starting point and it was rather fun watching the different ages and people from all walks of life coming in and checking out the new gaff. By 10pm one simply couldn’t move. Which meant it was time to move along and venture somewhere new. So it was into the musically filled Peadars and through to the Gweedore to find a resting place for the bum and pint of Guinness.  Again, people coming and going non-stop. Finally ending up in the Dungloe bar, Saturday night was proving to be a very nice and welcomed change. Music was simply spectacular and it was nice to do a bit of a jig by the bar!! Great company and a decent pint of the black stuff accompanied by good music made a very good night indeed.

However, one did wonder all night long what might be happening back in the good old Squealin’ Pig, so it’ll be back to the fireside and the local banter again next week. A change is as good as a rest, but sure there’s no place like home…….