Images Two salon will be a hive of activity today. A selection of men will be having some ‘bleach’ work done this afternoon in preparation for the shaving and dying of the heads and beards later tonight at Callaghan’s Bar from 8pm. It sure sounds like it’s going to be a fun occasion. But it really is all in the name of a good cause.

Local businessman Raymond Tomany explains the occasion perfectly; ‘Lisa Hamill is a ** year old wife and mother of two. She is my wife’s best friend and has been for almost 30 years, they have worked and partied together for most of that time! She was chief bridesmaid at our wedding and is Godmother to our oldest daughter. Also she has been a great friend to us as a family ever since I have known her.
Last year she was diagnosed with chronic lymhocytic leukemia. We have all heard the statistic about 1 in 3 people being affected by cancer of one sort or another. You just don’t consider it a reality until it affects you or someone close to you. She is in remission now and has decided to organise an event to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society which has been an invaluable support to her over the last year.
Now, because of the treatment there is no need for her to shave her head at the moment so a group of us have decided to do just that in an effort to contribute to her fundraising. That means that I (with 9 others) will on 2nd March have my head shaved. As I didn’t have all that much left on my head to shave I decided to grow a beard and have that shaved as well.
It’s going to be cold.’

Not only is it going to be cold Raymond, but a lot of people will be waiting on the sidelines to see that head of yours uncovered and as far as I hear, your newly coloured ‘blue’ beard. This fun event is certainly the testament of true friendship. This money is desperately needed for the Irish Cancer charity, so if anyone can support it, even just a little, donations can be made via the following options:

) Paypal Raymond the money – [email protected]. I will e-mail you to acknowledge it.
2) Post cheques/ postal orders (payable to Irish Cancer Society please). PM Raymond Tomany (fb) and he will tell you the address.
3) - this is the link:
Please  note that you’re a Facebook friend in the “comments” box.

So if everyone can just take one or two pints less this weekend, the money donated will serve a truly genuine cause. Please help. Surely it’s worth it just to see Raymond after tonight!