It’s been a long winter but at last it seems like the spring is here in Moville. I’m told that there are one or two daffodils out but the majority are still to bloom. However, you can see them ready to fight their way out.

Never mind the crocuses, snow drops and tulips, it’s daffodils that really herald that spring has come. It’s great to see them as you travel along the road. There are some great clumps of them by the side of the Derry road.

The buds are on the bushes and trees too. I know that March 21st is the official start of spring but it’s generally reckoned in the northern hemisphere that March, April and May are spring with June, July and August summer.

I wonder if we are going to get a bumper summer this year. I’m told that the last one as in 1995. Those under 20 won’t remember it but it seems it was baking hot all summer long – and that was before global warming.