It’s been there ever since I’ve been here but now it is in its final week. Nan’s Shop as it is called or Select Ltd as it has above the shop will be closing its doors for good over the next few days. It will be a sad loss to the town and yet one more nail in the town’s coffin.


It was a great little place which the kids especially loved. Visitors to the town also liked to buy from there. With each business closing the experience for visitors becomes less and it means that fewer are likely to come back.

They were great supporters of the festivals there. There has been good support from businesses in the town when I have gone round with posters and programmes for the various festivals I run but nowhere did I get a better reception than in Nan’s who almost seemed delighted to be able to hang the posters in the window.


The town will be a little poorer for its loss. It hung on so long through the bad times that it came as a bit of shock when I saw it was closing.

It is the final week and they are having a half price sale there. I looked in the window and saw loads of birthday cards and wrapping paper so if you have any birthdays coming up it might pay you to buy a few now.

Let’s hope that it can open up again when times get better.