The AIB has opened up a cash machine in Centra. That’s a massive boost for Centra with the AIB due to close in June. AIB are moving as many people as possible to internet banking before they go – but people still have to get their money out. I wondered if they would leave the ATM cash machine behind but it seems that they will not.

It seems that they have put one into Centra. I hadn’t noticed it before but it seems it is up past the meat counter in that little corner. Once the AIB closes it should be a big boost to Centra. Those that don’t want to travel to Carn to get their money out will have to go to Centra – and of course they will be passing all the food and newspapers and sweets etc. and seen all the bargains.

It’s not known what the charges will be. I would presume the fact that Centra is open from 8am to 10pm (and 11pm in the summer) was a factor in giving it to them. Now, they’ll be looking forward to seeing how much it is used when the AIB closes and how much it increases their income.