Mia FunFitness holds a number of classes on a weekly basis in both Quigleys Point and Muff. On a Monday evening at 6.30 you can join her for an hour of aerobics. Basic aerobic class starts by mobilizing joints and muscles then a good warm up and stretch. Then you will hit the 20-25 minutes of cardio with the heart rate hitting between 60-80% of MHR (optimizing fat burn). On completion of this you will then hit the deck for 20 minutes of muscle strengthening and endurance incorporating press up, crunches, kegal and back exercises. There is a variety of alternatives for different abilities, injuries and ages. During the month of March this will be at 6.30 in Quigleys Point Community Centre on a Monday, and Muff (QPS Clubhouse) on a Wednesday.

Then at 7.30 you can either stay for an extra hour of circuits or simply come along at this time and begin. For Circuits you will  focus on 3-2-1 interval training based on Jillian Michaels technique. 3 minutes resistance, 2 minutes Cardio and 1 minute core. All the exercise you need in 18 minutes. This is followed by 8 minute abs. This will be held at 7.30 during March in QP on Monday and Muff on Wednesday.

There is also a session of 18 minutes held in Muff on a Friday evening at 7pm.

So if you’re looking to simply ‘get fit’ or ‘fit’ into that summer bikini, Mia’s Funfitness is the place to go. I can guarantee that not only will a super workout be had but a great night’s fun and craic also. So come along and see for yourself. You definitely won’t be disappointed. Oh, and don’t forget that bottle of water!!