CraicOn was launched in Moville in 2006 and it now gets a regular readership of around 300 a day. Lots of Movillians who are abroad tell me they like to read it as it gives them a flavour of what is going on in Moville and what they are talking about in the streets, shops and pubs. Although they can get their local news elsewhere CraicOn lets them feel as if they are still part of the community.

Also, people who come here usually once or twice a year in th summer tell me that they read it regularly to keep in touch with what is happening here and they plan their visits by it.

Master Plan

It was always the plan to take it beyond Moville but I never got round to it. I think the concept has been proved in Moville and it will be interesting to see if it works elsewhere.

The Year of the Gathering and the 2013 City of Culture in Derry are as good a time to do it as any.

We have just launched CraicOn in Muff / Quigley’s Point and Grainne McCool is going to run it there. It’s just a bit of a hobby for both of us but you never know if it takes off…

You can find the Muff version here CraicOn Muff