It’s been a long winter but the spring must be pretty near in Moville. It was a bright sunny day here. It was warm enough for me to sunbathe out at the back of the house on the River Row – whilst the frost lay on the grass at the front in the shade.

I haven’t seen daffodils out yet but they can’t be far away. It’s when the daffodils come out that it really feels like spring.

It’s been a long winter and the good days seem far away. However, most of the worst is now behind us and most of the best in front of us. Will we get that barbecue summer this year that we’ve been hoping for for such a long time?

Nearly March

Just a few days ago I was saying that it was nearly March but I haven’t seen any buds out on the trees or bushes – well they are now.

Spring is a glorious renewal every year. It brings hope. Things may be bad economically in Moville but when there is some good weather it is a great place to be.

Those living away from home eat your hearts out. It is a beautiful day looking out across a tranquil lough with the sun sparkling off the water. All is calm. All is bright – and the spring is coming!