The first heat of the Songwriters Contest 2013 run by Moville and Greencastle Music Acadamy (MAGMA)will take place at Rosatos on Friday at 10pm. Two of the contestants in this first heat are Muff songwriters.

Conor Hutcheon is 23 years old and has been writing songs since he was 10 or 11. He says  ” I started playing my own tunes at gigs in 2009, and have just been quietly plugging away since, especially in the last year, when I got a bit of recording done, and was able to gig outside Derry. Hopefully I’ll do some more polished recordings and lots more gigs in different places in the near future. That’s the plan at least.”

Karl McCarron from the village is also participating in the first heat of the competition on Friday night. So if anyone has a free night in their diary, Rosato’s might be worth visiting this coming Friday night and support the local songwriters.