The first heat of the Songwriters Contest 2013 run by Moville and Greencastle Music Acadamy (MAGMA)will take place at Rosatos on Friday at 10pm. We are waiting to hear from some potential contestants but heres is what we have so far. We will continue to update this.

Heat 1

John Bradley (Buncrana)

John hails from England where he used to play in a band. Indeed their sound guys was a young Mick Hucknall who would go on to fame with Simply Red. He moved to Buncrana a few years ago and now operate out of there creating great ballads.

this guy’s in love with you – bacharach/David
O Come O Come Emmanuel – John Neale

I just Can’t Help Myself
The first leaves of Autumn

Leo McCauley (Moville)

Leo McCauley has been a stalwart of the Moville scene for a number of years and one of those who have inspired others to play and to write songs along with Paddy McLaughlin. Leo writes great ballads.

Original Songs

“57 Ghosts (of Duffys Cut)” –


Life On Mars

Night Fever

Connor Hutcheon (Muff)

Said Connor “I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs since I was about 10 or 11, and, since I’m 23, that’s over half my life. I started playing my own tunes at gigs in 2009, and have just been quietly plugging away since, especially in the last year, when I got a bit of recording done, and was able to gig outside Derry. Hopefully I’ll do some more polished recordings and lots more gigs in different places in the near future. That’s the plan at least”.

You Never Change
Broken Down Romantic

Dylan tune ‘You’re a big girl now’,
Beatles tune ‘Here, there and everywhere’

Martin Moir (Moville)

Martin hails from Scotland originally and is now a stalwart of the Movilel music scene. Likes to play Oasis and his songs are influenced by them.

Unknown Choice

Jack Craig (Derry)

jack was runner up in the Derry version of the Songwriter Contest.

Won’t let you down
On the right track

Sing All Your Cares Away by Damian Dempsey
Maybe Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

Laura Bonner (Greencastle)

Says Laura “I taught myself guitar in 2010 and began to perform gigs through the music organisation for young performers called “The Up Scene”. Through this I have played at the Greencastle regatta and have played at the clipper festival in Derry and Greencastle. I also perform regular gigs in Rawdons bar in Moville.

“Once I got the hang of playing guitar I started to write my own songs as a way of venting and getting my feelings out. I was always a fan of writing poetry and the fact I could play an instrument I merged the two together and began to write songs.

“Like many musicians before me I wanted to write songs that meant something to people. The type of songs that people could relate to or even the type of songs that could cheer them up if they were in a dark place”.

Kick and beat

Karl McCarron (Muff)

Susan Donaghy (Derry)

Susan says “I am a 19 year old singer songwriter from Derry and I started songwriting when I was 14/15 I have been doing this Susie-blue thing since July 2012 and so far its going great, I love it.”

Boston Eyes
Your Grip

Ride On
Call it Off

Debbie McDaid and Geraldine Cavanagh

These girls were the runners-up last year before they had even played a proper gig. Now they are regulars on the circuit and one of the best acts around now.

We don’t know their songs yet.

To enter the contest contact me at [email protected] or just turn up on the night.