Well folks it ‘s that time of year again! Will it be awash with roses and chocolates or will it be a frozen ready meal for one? Is Valentines Day really over rated or is it an occasion worth celebrating? What do you really think?

Well, I must admit I’m not knocking the dozen yellow roses I got this morning…along with the hip, cool and trendy new bag. Oh, and I really mustn’t forget the breakfast in bed. So for now, I’ll say it certainly is worth celebrating. I’m just hoping now it may end with a glass or three of vino later tonight! After 20 years of marriage I’m really not doing too badly, am I!

So whatever your situation is today, enjoy it. Be it a romantic meal for two or a television dinner for one. Celebrate being YOU. Life can only be lived once, so make the most of it. Don’t hide away because you don’t have someone to share it with. Get out there and enjoy your being single, married or whatever. Life is for living. It isn’t always a bed of roses, so enjoy your Valentines 2013 each and everyone of you!!