I see in the front page of the Journal that Moville has a Big Plan. It’s about the East Inishowen Business Association which is an umrerlla organisation for all the businesses in Moville and District.

This is the brainchild of Councillor Martin Farren. The Chairman is top local chef Brian McDermott.


He told the Journal that they are going to build a website, use social media and make contact with travel firms to get people coming back to Moville again.

It sounds as if they have big plans. It will be great if it is a success. It’s a good idea to have an association of the businesses.

Moville Events

Previously Moville Events was set up, representing all the festivals, and they did good work by producing posters and leaflets detailing what was on in Moville for the whole year.

The year that happened every festival and event was a big success. When people came for one event they could take away a leaflet about what was on in Moville for the rest of the year. However, it broke up in petty squabbling.


The festival organisers have long complained that the businesses didn’t take part enough in the festival committees (not that there are many festivals left). Now they have a committee of their own and big plans to go along with it.

They are motivated to succeed. Let’s hope they make the difference. The town needs it.

We’ve got to stop the exodus of our young people.

Today Spring Tides became a victim of it.