Spring Tides

It doesn’t seem that they have been going all that long but tonight Spring Tides announced that it was the end for them on their Facebook page. It doesn’t seem too long ago that they got to play in Rosatos just for beer money.

It wasn’t the Saturday night. I think it was either the Friday or the Sunday.


It was a rollercoaster ride for them and they’ll keep the memories from that. They provided a lot of great fun and entertainment.

They were a breath of fresh air. However, the guys needed jobs and like many youngsters before them they had to leave town to get them.


The statement on their website said:-

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is with heavy hearts that we announce the end of Spring Tides. The 6 of us have had the most incredible time together over the past 2 years and can’t even begin to put into words how much everyones support has meant to us.

“From dancing on chairs and tables to the famous/infamous onesies, it has been the whilest bit of craic.

All Good Things

“Like all good things, this must come to an end too and we won’t be able to fulfill any of our remaining bookings. The long-awaited CD is near finished and will be released as planned, hopefully you’s enjoy it as we’re really proud of it.

“Sure that’s the craic and there’s really only one thing left to say, so for the last time, altogether now…We’ve been Spring Tides, You’ve been beautiful, Goodnight!! x ”

….and then they were gone.


The boys, James O’Donnell, Gerard McMonagle, Sean McGranaghan, Ronan Hepburn, Tony Kelly and Lucas McStout soared like eagles in the sky, the most exciting new band to hit town in years.

They brought Spring Fever to the town. Their regular 6pm gig in The Trawlerman each Sunday was not to be missed.

Often they hadn’t had enough when they had to give way to the old time music and would march up the street still playing and singing towards Rawdons or McGettigans to perform spontaneous gigs for a delighted Sunday night audience.

White Wall

You can see them play at the White Wall in the BeatlesFest video

Farewell guys, you gave us so much fun.

Enjoy your retirement…..

Maybe there will be a reunion some time.