Horse Sense

I usually get my meat and burgers from Donal anyway. I did a survey a while back, as I did with Gillens and Sainsburys, comparing his prices to the counter at Sainsburys in Derry and Donal was cheaper in virtually everything.

I have somtimes bought burgers and things from supermarkets and as my son is a big lover of lasagne (he says Rosatos has the best Lasagne in the world) I’ve bought him lasagne from Sainsbburys.

No more!

First Trust

I haven’t heard any problems with Sainsburys but it’s like with the big banks – they have now lost our trust. They were very greedy and also incompetent as well.

They no longer have my trust. I want to be confident that what I am eating is what I have been sold. And I trust Donal far more than all those faceless supermarkets.

He could be busy at barbecue time this summer.