A load of coal has been washed up on the beach at Moville. It’s mainly slag but there are some bigger bits. You can see the long line of black on the beach at the River Row just where the sandbank is where the Bredagh River turns to head for the lough.

I’m told that it is from the Coal Boat that was sunk there quite a few years ago. My father, when he is here, often comes back from the beach with lumps of coal that he has found on the shore – and he says it is from the coal boat.

I’m told that the mussel and oyster boats disturb it on the lough bed and it gets washed in with the tide. Residents of the River Row collect the larger lumps and the coal meant for Britsih homes keeps quite a few Irishmen and woman warm of a winter’s night.

Shame it wasn’t a whiskey boat!