Corner Bar

This is the first pub that you see when you come into the town from the Derry Road. It is right on the first corner as you swing into town. The Landlord does a lot of work on the outside of the pub and it looks great. It gets many licks of paint and it has beautiful hanging baskets of flowers in the summer.
Inside there is a very warm atmosphere. Saturday is a particularly good night with good music on, which is normally Country & Western. There is always a few people in, even on weekdays and there is always good chat with whoever is behind the bar for townies and visitors alike.

Bar-A-Cuda (ex-Eggman’s) – now closed

It is only opened at the weekend but it has its own stage in the back room where a lot of the festival acts play.
The Snug is very comfortable with a log fire burning.

Foyle Hotel

It is closed unfortunately.


This bar is owned by a local couple and there is always a very warm welcome. Attached to the pub is a good off licence where I normally get my occasional carry out.
It’s also a good bar when the football’s on with some lively opinions. From memory the owner is a Celtic supporter and so they get shown a lot.


This pub is at the bottom of the main square in the town. It is very lively at the weekends and very popular with youngsters. They have a DJ on Saturday nights.


They say it is location, location, location for any business. This is one business that has shown that good management is even more important. Despite it being in possibly the worst location in town it is one of the most popular.

It is one of those pubs where you’ll always get people in there during the week where they normally gather round the bar and have a bit of craic with the owner or manager

On Friday nights they have traditional Irish folk music and they are happy for volunteers to bring their instruments with them to join in and for anybody who wants to sing a song to come up.
Saturday night is hugely popular with different acts playing a selection of pop and rock classics with Bob Dylan songs particularly popular. Again guest singers and guitar players are welcome. They are very accomplished musicians and can play along with whatever you play.


Rosatos is found on the Malin Road. It has a striking, red exterior. It is one of those quaint olde worlde looking pubs. It’s one of my favourites.
They have Texas Holdem Poker on a Wednesday which is very popular. There’s usually about fifteen people playing there.
They also have the occasional bonanza quiz for local charities.
The weekends are very popular with music on a Saturday and sometimes a Friday too. They have good quality music from the acts who play the rock and pop classics.


This is at the top of the main square. You can’t miss it. It says Susie’s in big letters.
It has a TV behind the bar which usually has sports on it. You’ll find horse racing on during the day and probably football by night. Gaelic is particularly popular here and bus trips to away games are often organised here.
There’s a good bar conversation any night of the week.

Town Clock (currently closed but it has been bought)

This pub really comes into its own on a Friday and Saturday night. It is the only pub in the town with a late music licence and it is teeming with people late on on a Friday and especially a Saturday night. There is a resident DJ and the music is belted out.

It is the closest thing that Moville has to a singles bar. Don’t come too late on a Saturday night or the bouncers won’t let you in.


This is a real locals bar – but that’s not to say that non-locals are not welcome. They are indeed. I’m told that if you are not from town but your relatives are from the town that this would be a good place to go to find someone who knew who they are or were and knew something about them.

The bar takes up most of the pub and they have some great conversation and craic often orchestrated by the family ‘firm’ behind the bar. There’s always great conversation there.

There’s also a huge backroom. The really big night in the Trawlerman is Sunday night where they have old-time music and dancing in the backroom.


Sadly it burnt down in a fire but there is talk of it being rebuilt.
It is in an excellent location overlooking the Lough.